What Are The Best Performance Mods For Your ATV or UTV?

August 25, 2022

Top 3 Performance Mods for ATVs, UTVs, and Side By Sides

You've probably heard us talk about wheels, tires and suspension upgrades for your UTV or SXS all the time, but something you don't hear us talking about too much is performance. But we want to change that today - not only is a good performance mod a great way to get some extra strength out of your ATV or UTV, but it can also help you keep better grip and add some peace of mind when you're off on rougher terrains.

There are few things in life that get us as excited as pure, nasty, unforgiving speed and power, and we all have to start somewhere - the machines we have come with some decent power already, but it's just not enough, is it? So today, we'll show you the three best performance mods you can buy to help your UTV go fast - let's break it down.

Polaris RZR Pro with KMC KS137 Wheels

Best Mod 1: Particle Separators

We'll start by talking about particle separators, particularly from brands like S&B. This is the first thing we're mentioning because the actual power increase comes from not losing power to a dirty, clogged filter - think about it. You're riding a trail, it's dusty, your buddy's in front of you, and he's kicking up all kinds of dirt and dust that your intake is sucking up. Once that happens, your filter starts getting covered in dirt and stops flowing as much air through the engine, which in turn is gonna kill the amount of power that your motor can produce.

Most of the time, the intakes on your machine will perform just fine from the factory, but you can't just wash them if they have paper elements included - Particle Separators can help you get way more life out of the filter, and if you do upgrade to a filter with a washable element, your separator is gonna do the same thing to that filter as well.

Quality particle separators are typically in the range of $400-500, which may be a little pricey for some, but in terms of filter longevity and keeping power for the whole ride, they're a no brainer.

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Polaris RZR with System 3 wheels

Best Mod 2: Exhausts

Next up on our list is when things start getting a little loud - of course, we're talking about exhausts. If you're all about going fast, then you're likely also about beautiful, loud exhaust noises, unless you drive a Tesla, but even then we can't argue because those things are ballsy. But for those of us who like to enrich nature with pure decibels of goodness, there are plenty of options out there for you.

Companies like HMF and Big Gun make both slip-on exhausts and full exhaust systems for your side-by-side UTV or ATV, and if you're looking to save some money and just want the sound, a slip-on kit is a great and easy move. They install really easily, and they're gonna give you a deep, rich exhaust note.

Like changing the muffler on a car, exhausts provide a little bit less restriction, but noticeable power isn't really gonna change too much. But a full exhaust system will allow the engine to really breathe and flow more air more efficiently from the exhaust - this is definitely more noticeable for power and gains whenever they're paired with other mods. As the engine is working a little harder, it needs more room to breathe, so this is a great option for the more performance-minded rider. Plus, most exhausts start at under $200, though they can go up above $1000 depending on the material, finish, and whether or not they come in single or dual configuration.

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2022 Can-Am Defender with System 3 ST-5 wheels

Best Mod 3: Engine Tuners

The best mod for your ATV or UTV is, without a doubt, a tuner. This is where all those hard-earned dollars really make an impact - a tuner will move some zeros and ones around in the computer, adjust for some variables, and just like that, your machine is flying.

Most companies from the factory deal with things like compliance and regulatory boards, so what ends up happening is that the machine comes detuned a bit to fit the mold that the OEM wants for the everyday driver. However, with a tune, we can unlock that potential and give ourselves the power we so desperately desire.

If you're looking to go fast for as little as possible, a tuner will give you the absolute best bang for the buck, as they start at under $200. For more power, better throttle response, and an overall faster machine, that's 100% worth the investment.

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If you're looking to take the next step for your build and squeeze all the power that your machine can crank out, go check the performance store on our site right now. We can get you hooked up with any mod you need and get you back out and riding faster in no time. Of course, let us know if you have any questions and we'll help you find the best mod for your needs.