What Are The Best ATV/UTV Events in The US?

August 30, 2022

Top 5 Events For ATV and UTV Enthusiasts In America

The second best best part of ATV or UTV ownership (right next to getting a new set of wheels and tires to complete your build, shameless plug) is that you become a member of a nationwide community that breeds positivity, energy, and fun no matter where you turn. Whether you're looking to hit the trails on the weekend with your buds or heading for the track for a day of racing, you'll be sure to find lifelong friends along the way.

So, today we want to welcome you to the growing powersports community that America has to offer and show you some of the best events that happen year after year. Let's jump right in - you're sure to love what you'll see and who you'll meet.

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5. Trail Hero Side By Side Rally; Hurricane, UT

Number five brings us to an awesome event for the entire family. We're talking about the Trail Hero Side by Side rally that takes place in Hurricane, Utah at Sand Hollow State Park. Now, a lot of you know about Sand Hollow State Park - it is one of the biggest places when it comes to UTV and ATV riders and where they want to go. It's got like 1,400 acres of reservoir, tons of acres of trails and dunes that you can ride. Well, this one's going to be geared a lot towards the families.

So you're going to have parties. You're going to have music concerts. You've even got a full 18-hole golf outing. This one actually does give back to veterans and special needs children, so it's an awesome place to go and spend a week there because it is a five day event. So if you're looking for a place to bring the whole family, this is definitely going to be one of the places that you're going to want to check out. Plus, Utah is a beautiful state, and there are plenty of places around the town that are ripe for exploration.

4. Hay Days; North Branch, MN

Number four on our list actually started out as a snowmobile grass and dirt drag. It is in Minnesota, and of course we're talking about Hay Days. Hay Days is now in its 55th year as a running event, and started out as a gathering for snowmobile drag races which exploded in growth after a lot of the OEMs wanted to get involved. After all, we're all in the powersports world, so it makes sense.

Polaris and Can-Am started putting some money into the Hay Days event, and with financial backing from some of the industry's major players, you started seeing things like a freestyle track and a mud bogging event at this small town fair. We don't get a ton of ATV/UTV gatherings coming to the Midwest, and this effectively makes Hay Days a pillar event here.

Hay Days takes place in North Branch, Minnesota and is a two-day event, usually happening on a Saturday and Sunday, and you can do anything from racing to freestyling, mud bogging, and everything else. They've got the drags, which are the huge staple there, but it's a good place for you to come out, see a ton of different machines, experience a bunch of fun and festivities, and have basically a two day fair event where you can see a bunch of the vendors there that have some of those cool new machines, whether it's a new product out or a new machine out. If you live in the Midwest like we do, Hay Days is an event you won't want to miss out on.

3. Sand Sports Super Show; Torrance, CA

We're going to be taking a trip to the West Coast, right on the beach, for the third event on our list. This is going to be Sand Sports Super Show, and full disclaimer, it's not going to be really focused on the riding. However, this is still not an event you'll want to miss - It's a huge expo with literally every single company involved in the ATV and UTV world.

At the Sand Sports Super Show you'll find all of the industry's top wheel vendors, the aftermarket guys, the OEMs, everyone's there. They're showing off their new stuff, they're showing off sick builds. You're right next to the beach. Like, you're literally at the beach, then you're at the event. It's an awesome experience. One of the biggest shows, especially in the West Coast, when it comes to that dune market. So if you're riding sand dunes, this is the spot for you. You're going to want to see it and then you're just a quick trip to the dunes anyway. So you might as well bring your machine, go to the event and then go riding. It just makes sense.

The Sand Sports Super Show usually happens right around this time every year, and depending on when you read this, it might still be coming up. So if you haven't, if you see this piece and you're around that area, make sure to go check it out. They've got thousands of attendees, hundreds of exhibitors. This is definitely a big one, especially if you are someone who likes to modify your machine and you want to talk with vendors or see their products before you buy them.

2. Mud Nationals; Blevins, AR

The number two event on our list doesn't need much of an introduction - it's Mud Nationals, a high lifter event in title but one big mud party in spirit. This one takes place at Hillarosa in Blevins, Arkansas, and really started the whole mud gathering community. It is just a massive party, right? Any time you get into a mud event, it becomes a massive party. Let's be honest. There's going to be music. There's going to be good food. You're in the South, so you know the food's going to be great. But essentially you're just going to be seeing a bunch of mud bogging. You're going to see riding. It's going to get muddy, it's going to get dirty, it's going to be camping and fun and parties and loud music.

This is really one of those events that you've got to at least experience once. Even if you don't have a mud machine, you just need to go and experience it one time because you might find out that you love mudding after you've been to one of these events and you just want to be part of that. But if you're in that southern region, you should know that Southern guys and girls do love mudding because it gets muddy in the South. We all know that's why it's called the Dirty South, right? So if you are in that area, you definitely want to go check out Mud Nationals - you'll get dirty, but that's the point.

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1. UTV Takeover; Multiple Locations (Coos Bay, OR; Hurricane, UT; & Jay, OK)

That brings us to number one. There's probably a name that if you know about anything, UTV and you follow events and things like that, that you realize that we haven't said yet, it's going to be UTV Takeover.

UTV Takeover is the biggest tour of community events in America when it comes to the ATV and UTV markets. These things get massive and they run three main ones every single year - the first one is for you, West Coast guys. UTV Takeover's West Coast event takes place in Coos Bay, which is actually at the Oregon Sand Dune Recreational Area, an area that features over 40 miles of coastline. It's an awesome event, and is the biggest outdoor recreation event in the Western US when it comes to powersports vehicles. Really, if you're just looking at getting out and riding and you want to be at the coast or the dunes, the UTV Takeover is going to be huge. They'll have a jump, and dudes will absolutely wreck their machines, so you're free to send it. It's a fun family event. But at the same time, if you want to see machines pushed to their limits, you've definitely got to check these ones out.

The second UTV Takeover event is going to be at the same place that the Trail Hero Rally does theirs, that's Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah. Again, you've got the reservoir, you've got coastline, you've got like 15,000 acres of sand dunes or something. It's just massive, and tons of people get out there with their machines - one of our favorite parts of this event is that at night, you'll be able to see all the machines lit up, which is quite a scene. It's an awesome place to be, and is where you'll see a lot of machines breaking, pushing the limit when it comes to how high and how far they can jump. You've got tons of vendors there, tons of machines. It's got red sand, it's got rock crawling. It's an awesome event, and of the three, it's one you can least afford to miss out on.

The newest stop on the UTV Takeover tour is in Jay, Oklahoma at Mid-America Outdoors. A lot of us are familiar with Mid-America Outdoors - they host a ton of huge events over there, whether for ATVs, UTVs, or even trucks, as pickup events have recently came to the grounds. It's a big, awesome place, and is essentially a playground for powersports vehicles where nothing is off-limits. You're going to have trail-riding, off-road racing competitions, and a whole lot more. It's tons of fun, with tons of jumps, twists, turns, all the above. Since this is the newest one, we expect that this one's going to grow every year, especially kind of being in that Middle America area - Oklahoma is basically the center of America geographically, so whether you're from New York, Los Angeles, or like Minneapolis, it's all the same distance away.

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