What Mods Void Your ATV or UTV Warranty Coverage?

September 14, 2022

Are There Any Mods That Can Void ATV or UTV Warranty?

Listen, if you're thinking about modding your ATV or UTV, just do it. We all know that sometimes a stock setup just won't cut it, and we all want to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and design to make sure that our machines are built to perform and look better than ever on the trails. But that being said, we often get asked the same question - if you mod your machine, will it void your warranty?

Well, there are a few caveats to that, and a few different fine details that you might want to be aware of. So, we'll take you through all of them today so you can be prepared for whichever mod you might want to do for your machine. Let's get right into it.

2022 Can-Am Defender with System 3 AB-4 wheels

Basics of Warranty Coverage for ATVs and UTVs

Obviously this question gets asked a lot, and a lot of people will chime in with their 2 cents on what a warranty actually is when it comes to an off-road vehicle, like an RZR or Maverick or something similar. So, there are a lot of different opinions that you'll come across, but we're gonna run through the facts that we know for sure for the sake of argument.

At the end of the day, when it comes to warranties, they're approved or denied at the discretion of the dealership. It's up to the person looking at the machine, and the dealership, whether or not they want to honor the warranty that you have. So, one thing you should always do when you buy an off-road machine is make sure that you build a positive relationship with the dealer, because in many instances the dealership will be your savior in the event that something does break and it's not covered in the warranty. They might actually be willing to help out, which is huge, especially if you've gotten a mod done that you're not sure about.

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2022 Polaris RZR Pro with MSA Fang wheels

What Does the Magnussen-Moss Warranty Act Say About ATV and UTV Coverage?

One of the biggest pieces of legislation that comes up whenever we're talking about warranties and modifying machines is the Magnussen-Moss Warranty Act. Passed in 1975, this act says that manufacturers cannot void your warranty just because you added a different branded part to your machine. For example, if you were to add wheels and tires to your ATV, they can't void your seat, or your exhaust system, because they have no correlation to each other. Just because you made a modification, it doesn't necessarily mean that your warranty is voided everywhere else.

Now on the flip side, if you were to add, say, a suspension lift kit or a bracket lift kit, you're going to raise the suspension and change the geometry a little bit, and you might have an axle that fails because that can sometimes happen. If you can get longer axles to support this, you can go with portals and not have any actual difference, but if you were to to a traditional bracket lift, you might be looking at a CV axle failure because they're now at a slightly different angle. We wouldn't expect this to be covered under warranty, because you did a modification to the machine and it was that modification that caused the failure.

Essentially, what this means is that if you can prove that it wasn't the specific mod that you did that caused a correlating failure to your machine, you should be good. But if the mod that you did ended up causing a failure to a related part or component, that could be bad news - just something to look out for.

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2021 Can-Am Maverick Turbo with TIS UTV 558BZ wheels

How To Avoid Warranty Denial For ATV or UTV Engine Issues

Tuners can be a bit of a gray area, because even though they can make your engine run hotter, engines consist of so many different moving parts that it can be hard to pinpoint how it failed in the first place. But just because you put a tuner in your engine doesn't automatically mean that it failed as a result, so as a general rule of thumb for any issue you might incur on your machine, definitely make sure to have a good inspection done to your machine when it comes to the mechanics who are overviewing those cases, especially if something does end up breaking.

Can You Install Aftermarket Wheels and Tires On Your Machine and Keep Warranty Coverage?

So the gist of this whole thing is that if you want to buy some wheels and tires for your powersports machine, that's awesome - in fact, we offer them in our store right now. Hint, hint. But we can tell you with certainty that if you buy wheels and tires from us and your radio breaks, or something happens with the roll cage, it's not going to void your warranty. You can add any wheels and tires that are within the recommended fitment range, and if they're within that range, dealerships will have a hard time telling you that it's unwarrantable.

At the end of the day, dealers are enthusiasts just like us, and in most cases they don't want to void your warranty any more than you want your warranty voided. So just as in every instance, make sure you're being careful with the mods that you're doing, and you're in the clear.

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