Do Beadlock Wheels Fit Your ATV and UTV Driving Needs?

September 22, 2022

Are Beadlock Wheels the Best Choice For Your ATV or UTV?

If you've got a new ATV or UTV in your driveway that you're looking to upgrade, you're probably wondering whether or not Beadlock wheels are best for the build. Of course, they do have plenty of advantages that they bring to the table, but with that being said, do you need them for your ATV or UTV?

Today, we'll be talking about beadlock wheels and what they bring to the table versus non-beadlock wheels. Many riders will ask themselves "Do I really need beadlock wheels? What are the advantages of having them?" and we'll be taking you through both of these answers below. Check it out!

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2022 Can-Am Defender with System3 Offroad SB-4 wheels

How Are Beadlock Wheels Different From Non-Beadlock Wheels?

As many of you know, most ATVs and UTVs come equipped with your standard non-beadlock wheels from the factory - you might not think anything of that, and rightfully so because you shouldn't have to, but picture this. It's a beautiful weekend, and you decide to go on an adventure out trail riding. Everything seems to be going normal, and then bam - suddenly, you start to notice your machine pulling to the side. Something must be up, so you pull to the side of the trails, hop off your ATV and walk over to the side, and lo and behold, your tire is flat.

In this situation you might be thinking "Well, I could just plug the gash with a couple tire plugs, air up the tire again, and be on my way." Unfortunately, this won't work, because if you try limping the machine down the trail, the tire will eventually unbead from a non-beadlock wheel and you'll ruin the wheel as well.

That's where Beadlock wheels come into play. The Beadlock wheel has an outer plate that is bolted to the wheel to create a two-sided Beadlock - quite literally, this means the tire (which normally has only one point of contact with a non-beadlock wheel) has two contacts with the Beadlock. Since it's hugging the tire, it can't unmount and come off the wheel. So, in this situation, the Beadlock wheel will maintain the bead with the tire and it will not come off, which enables you to limp the machine back to the trailer, a nearby town, or a road where someone can pick you up.

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Should You Get Beadlock Wheels For Your Machine?

There's no question that Beadlock wheels offer plenty of benefits and advantages to you as a driver, and your machine can handle much better - and with greater peace of mind - with a Beadlock wheel than a non-beadlock option. Our inventory is full of some of the top beadlock wheels on the market, including our partners at Anthem Off-Road, whose Rogue and Equalizer options can provide you excellent looks, handling, and control through all situations.

So, check out our store today and build your wheel and tire package with us - we're more than happy to help ATV and UTV enthusiasts find the Beadlock wheels that they need!